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Germ Warfare in NY?

What I find amazing about human nature is the ability to live in denial, even against overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It is a survival mechanism, but if left on automatic will undemine one's survival. Even the Jewish kapos remained in denial until it was their turn for the gas that what we are going to do as well?
Preston Peet (ptpeet (at)
Germ Warfare. The very phrase sends a shiver up the spine, invoking images of plague, open running sores, loss of civil order, chaos of the most extreme type. It is the nightmare stuff of numerous books, movies, and secretive government agencies lurking in hermetically sealed rooms inside government labs, plotting takeovers, and population control using the panic of unchecked, never-seen-before epidemics. New York City is a good case in point.
To kill disease-laden mosquitoes, the city has suffered under the continuous spraying of Malathion, a known toxic chemical, that the Giuliani administration keeps informing city residents is harmless, though his own office has issued EMS workers with Jane's Chem-bio Handbook detailing the safety precautions that they must take when using, or being around Malathion.
The Giuliani Administration, along with their CDC advisors, is claiming that it is necessary to spray to stop the spread of Japanese Encephalitis, the 4th incarnation of the alleged virus. First it was St. Louis Encephalitis, then West Nile Encephalitis, then West Nile-like, and now Japanese Encephalitis. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, Orovax, the company that holds the exclusive license from the US Military-Biological Warfare at Ft. Deitrick, MD, for Japanese Encephalitis Vaccines, which were scheduled to begin clinical testing in late 1999, has been working with the Mayor of NYC from the very beginning of the 'outbreak' in August. Dr. Robert Simon, a long time opponent of Malathion spraying, has been quoted as telling a New York City Council hearing recently that "the spraying policy is the largest uncontrolled biological experiment in human history." It is being conjectured that possibly the virus has been released, on purpose or by accident, from either the Plum Island Bio-warfare lab off the coast of Long Island, or even from the Rockefeller Institute, where there have been experiments using the West Nile virus for years.
The US military and other official agencies have a long track record of working with those who preach and experiment with Eugenics, crowd control, population control, and germ warfare. At the end of World War II, the US actively sought out the scientists of Nazi Germany, and from Japan, unit 731 (the Ishii unit). Certain generals decided that it was much more important to have the information that these scientists derived from the torturous experiments that each committed against the subjected, conquered populations of the regions they had occupied, and on some of the prisoners of war, than to try them for war crimes. The US brought hundreds of these scientists to the US, or hid them under the auspices of the allied occupation forces, and allowed them to remain free. Some went on to positions of extreme power and wealth in exchange for the results of their insidious research programs.
There was the now infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment in Alabama, conducted on around six hundred poor rural black men by the US Public Health Service, begun in 1932 and continuing for 40 years, until the news finally broke in 1972 in the national press; in 1950 a Navy minesweeper sprayed the rare serratia bacteria onto San Francisco, eventually putting 11 people in hospital and killing one; NYC subways have been targets of toxic spraying; and even the Pentagon air-conditioning system has been used to introduce experimental toxins, according to some sources.
The CDC is intimately involved with the Guiliani administration in the New York City spraying strategy, leading some to conclude that it is nothing more than a thinly disguised form of population control. The CDC has been suspected for years of somehow instigating the AIDS epidemic along with the World Health Organization . . .
So is New York City truly the beginning of a larger bio-warfare, or population control experiment?



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