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Vans Heading out of Chicago to Protest the WEF!

Come along to New York to protest global capitalism and its clenched fist, the World Economic Forum!
The Chicago Direct Action Network will be renting vans to travel to New York for the protests against the World Economic Forum. The van(s) will be leaving on Thursday January 31, from the New World Resource Center, located at 2600 W. Fullerton, in Chicago, at 6 pm. We will take part in the weekend's events and leave New York then on Sunday the 3rd of February. The expense for the trip will be $50 per person and will include the round trip with gas.

We are getting many contacts about the trip and it looks like it will be nothing short of excellent. Tedd, a member of Chicago DAN, is even getting us a van that we will paint up with revolutionary slogans and pack with banners and pickets and serve as our caravan's flagship DANella, the feminine force mothership. With the calls and questions I have been receiving, it looks like we will run three vans of 12 people each to caravan to New York, and if the interest continue's to build like it is, there may be more.

To confirm a place please get into contact with me, and let me you want to go. For payment of the fare, you may send a check or money order payable to "Cliff Willmeng", as I am the contact person for the voyage and DAN as yet has no official bank account. If I have already talked to you,about the trip, I would still like to get a confirmation here, for my own sake and for our records. (That includes DAN regulars!)

We are currently looking into housing for everyone who is interested in coming along and are following up on several leads. We will let you know as the information becomes available to us, as Peter Jennings would say.

We are also looking for more licensed drivers that are over 25 and have a valid credit card who would be willing to rent a van for the trip. If the caravan keeps building, we will need everyone we can get.

If you would like to purchase a ticket, or need to know any additional details, please contact me at: (847)733-9385, or email yippie5@aol. If you are decided on joining us, and wish to send us payment, please send it to me at the address below and I will notify you as soon as it reaches me. Otherwise, you can always drop a check, money order, or cash off at the weekly DAN meetings that take place at the New World Resource Center every Tuesday night at 7. Once again thank for the interest and welcome aboard.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Cliff Willmeng
962 Harvard Ter. Apt 2
Evanston IL 60202
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