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Hemp car is an alternative-fuel project car that utilizes hemp oil for
fuel. Industrial hemp would be an economical fuel if hemp were legal to
cultivate in the United States. Industrial hemp has no psychoactive
properties and is not a drug. Hemp Car will demonstrate the concept of
hemp fuels on a national level and promote the reformation of current
law. The car will tour America, with stops in Canada, frequenting
alternative-energy, environmental, and hemp-legalization events such as
SolFest and the Seattle Hemp Fest. We will kick off the tour on July 4,
2001 at the Washington D.C. Rally to End Marijuana Prohibition. The car
is expected to generate publicity, emphasizing the utility of industrial
hemp to modern society. We intend to provide the public with information
about biofuels, hemp, their uses, and current American laws. We wish to
establish a world distance record for a vehicle utilizing hemp for fuel.
A network of hemp activists will provide us with the hemp oil at planned
intervals throughout the country. For more information please visit our



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