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Urgent Action Alert: UAW Moves Against Local 2036 in Henderson, KY

Labor activists in Champaign County, organized by David Johnson, have supported Local 2036 in its struggle against not only Accuride, but also against the UAW international leadership to fight back against givebacks.
The United Auto Workers will revoke the charter of a dissident local in Henderson, Kentucky on January 15, unless the members ratify a contract they've rejected before. UAW Local 2036 in Henderson, Kentucky went on strike at Accuride Corporation, a major supplier of steel wheels for trucks, in February 1998. The following month members voted to return to work without a contract but were locked out.

According to local 2036, Accuride's contract proposal guts union rights, allows the company to alter the health insurance and pension programs at will, and lets the company subcontract work at their choosing. Under pressure from the international union, local 2036 was forced to vote on six such company proposals, and they rejected each one, the most recent in November 2001. The margin was 97 percent opposed to the contract. Two thirds of the 420 members cast ballots. Part of the explanation may be that under the proposal, only about one in four union employees would return to work, and replacement workers would be in charge of training the returning strikers.

Local 2036 is asking for solidarity from their international union. They want the international to direct truck manufacturers not to use Accuride wheels until the labor dispute is settled, and they want their union sisters and brothers to strike if the truck makers refuse. Members of Local 2036 are calling for rallies on the day before the UAW revokes their charter. The rallies will take place on Monday, January 14 at Solidarity House, the UAW headquarters in Detroit, and in Kentucky.



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