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Detained Muslim leader to be transferred to Chicago

Rabih Haddad a respected member of Ann Arbor's muslim community who is being detained by the federal government. In the face of growing local opposition to his detention, federal officials have decided to move him to an undisclosed location in Chicago.
DETROIT (AP) -- The founder of an Islamic charity, which is accused of funding terrorist activities, will be transferred to Chicago, an official with the U.S. marshal's office in Detroit said Monday.

Lou Stock said federal officials were in the process of transferring Rabih Haddad to Chicago.

Haddad, 41, of Ann Arbor, has been held on a visa violations charge since Dec. 14. He was being housed in the Monroe County Jail, where his family and lawyers could visit.

But Haddad recently was taken to an undisclosed location, The Ann Arbor News reported.

Haddad's attorney, Noel Saleh, learned Friday that an order was issued from the U.S. marshal changing custody from the INS. Saleh said he can only speculate why custody was changed.

"Whether they're going to hold him as a material witness, and he's going to become one of the 500 the U.S. government won't acknowledge where they are, I don't know," Saleh said.

"Whether they're going to take him before a grand jury as part of the investigation of the Global Relief Foundation, and they want him as a witness there, I don't know."

Four weeks ago, federal agents arrested the native of Lebanon on the same day agents raided the Global Relief Foundation headquarters near Chicago. He helped start the Islamic charity in 1992 and is an active board member.

Since his arrest and subsequent hearings, supporters have rallied around Haddad, who again was denied bond last week during a closed hearing in immigration court in Detroit.

Haddad had earlier lost a bond appeal when Immigration Court Judge Elizabeth Hacker ruled he was a threat to the community because authorities found a hunting rifle in his home.



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