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Report Nails Chicago Police for Torture, But Says They Can't Be Prosecuted / FULL TEXT OF REPORT HERE

The long-awaited report of the Special State's Attorney investigating torture by Chicago police during the 1970s, 80s and 90s concluded that while torture did occur, the statute of limitations precludes criminally prosecuting the brutal cops.

In an Indy Media web exclusive, we are posting the entire report here, along with a guide to finding different sections of it.
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section A.pdf (3727 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section B.pdf (3595 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section C.pdf (3008 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section D.pdf (2852 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section E.pdf (3000 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section F.pdf (3295 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section G.pdf (2299 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section H.pdf (3656 k)
Special Prosecutor\'s Report, Section I.pdf (2650 k)
"[W]e conclude that the statute of limitations bars any prosecution of any officers," it said. The authors also purport to clear former Police Superintendent Terry Hillard and CPD behind the scenes fixer Thomas Needham of cover-up charges.

More than 4 years and $7 million in the making, the 1,680 page report covers some 148 cases of alleged police torture of African American men by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and his subordinates.

"We have made the judgment that the admissible evidence would justify our asking a grand jury to indict in three cases: they are the cases of Andrew Wilson, Phillip Adkins, and Alfonzo Pinex. There are many other cases that raised the belief that the claimant was telling the truth, e.g. Michael Johnson, Melvin Jones and Shadeed Mumin, but their testimony would be not sufficient to establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt. And there are some case we have concluded that the claimant was not telling the truth, e.g. Leroy Orange and Leonard Kidd. In our judgment the evidence would support an indictment and conviction of Jon Burge in the case of Andrew Wilson… For reasons we explain in another part of this report, we conclude that the statute of limitations bars any prosecution of any officers."

Barring the alleged statute of limitations problem, the report said that there was sufficient evidence to criminally prosecute the following current or former police officers: Commander Jon Burge, Ronald Boffo, James Lotito, Anthony Maslanka, and Michael McDermott.

Of the 40 current and former police officers subpoenaed to testify, all but 11 refused to be interviewed. "4 of them testified over their objections after grants of immunity," said the report. One former assistant state's attorney refused to be interviewed, telling investigators through his lawyer that he would invoke the 5th Amendment if compelled to testify. All but one of the eight staff attorneys who prepared the report are former prosecutors.

Left unanswered by the report is the critical issue of new trials for the alleged victims of Burge, et al. Accepting for a moment that there may not be proof beyond a reasonable doubt to criminally prosecute some of the officers, this does not relieve the responsibility of the justice system to give these men the fair date in court that many of them never had.

In addition to the 148 cases investigated involving Burge and his subordinates, the report said that prosecutors did not pursue an additional 98 cases because they either did not involve Burge or his subordinates, the alleged victim refused to cooperate with investigators, the alleged victim was dead and his testimony was critical to establishing the facts of the case, or the alleged victim did not say he was abused by Chicago police officers.

In a Chicago Indy Media exclusive, we present here the entire report, broken up into approximately 100 page increments. So that readers do not have to download and print the entire report if they do not want to, here is a table of contents for the attached pdf's:

A. Main body of the report, consisting of:
I. Introduction (pp 3-15)
II. Conclusions (pp 16-17)
III. Statute of Limitations (pp 18-36)
IV. Perjury Trap (pp 37-42)
V. Andrew Wilson (pp 43-66)
VI. Richard Brzeczek (pp 67-111)

B. Main body of the report, continued:
VII. Allegations of "Cover-Up" (pp 112-156)
VIII. Relationship between OPS and Cook County State's Attorney (pp 157-168)
IX. Report of Investigators
1. Leroy Orange and Leonard Kidd (pp 169-182)
2. Madison Hobley (pp 183-216)

C. Report of Investigators, continued:
3. Stanley Howard (pp 217-241)
4. Aaron Patterson (pp 242-265)
5. Phillip Adkins (pp 266-274)
6. Alfonzo Pinex (pp 275-292)

D. Supplemental Section, individual cases:
1. Phillip Adkins
2. Willie Adkins
3. Samhan Ali
4. David Allen
5. Tony Anderson
6. James Andrews
7. Dwight Anthony
8. Gregory Banks
9. David Bates

E. Supplemental Section, individual cases:
1. Stephen Bell
2. Rodney Benson

F. Supplemental Section, individual cases:
1. Robert Billingsley
2. Eddie Birk
3. Frank Bounds
4. William Bracy
5. Terrence Brooks
6. Cortez Brown (aka Victor Saffold)
7. Roy Brown
8. Franklin Burchette
9. Eric Caine
10. Daryl Cannon

G. Supplemental Section, individual cases:
1. Joseph Carroll
2. Stephen Cavanero
3. Darryl Christian
4. Jesse Clemon

H. Supplemental Section, individual cases:
1. Darrell Cleveland
2. James Cody
3. Michael Coleman
4. Howard Collins
5. Jeffrey Collins
6. Roger Collins
7. Alexander Cooper
8. Thomas Craft

I. Supplemental Section, individual cases:
1. Erwin Daniel
2. Allan Davis
3. Javan Deloney
4. Maurice Deloney
5. Mearon Diggins
6. Michael Evans
7. David Fauntleroy
8. Raymond Golden
9. Sylvester Green
10. Tremaine Green
11. Anthony Hall



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