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Reno Keeps Palestinian Man Jailed Despite Lack of Charges

Chicago Sun-Times 12-13-00 p48
Attorney General Janet Reno on Tuesday blocked the release of a Palestinian man jailed for three years without charges, federal officials said. The government maintains that Mazen Al-Najjar, 43, had links to Mideast terrorists and was a threat to national security. Al-Najjar denied the allegations. Not even his lawyers have ever seen the evidence against him. Reno blocked Al-Najjar's release until 5 p.m. Friday, saying in an order given to lawyers in the case that she wanted "to personally review the appropriateness" of allowing his immediate release. A U.S. immigration judge ordered him released on $8,000 bail last week. The case has been championed by lawyers, civil rights groups and members of Congress who say Al-Najjar's detention without charges and on the basis of evidence he cannot see is unconstitutional.



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