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Pipeline Politics: Oil, the Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia

This is a good overview, with lots of links to stories in the mainstream press (none in USA of course) and three nice maps
The international press has turned to this topic with new interest since the U.S.-led campaign in Afghanistan began on Oct. 7. As the United States augmented its military presence around Afghanistan, ...Ranjit Devraj, writing for Hong Kong's Asia Times, likened U.S. President George W. Bush's aims in Afghanistan to his father's in Iraq. In both cases, Devraj argues, the motive was oil. Devraj is not alone. George Monbiot?in a column written for London's Guardian but syndicated in Lahore's centrist, mass-circulation Dawn?called the U.S.-led campaign a "colonial adventure." "American imperialism has begun its unilateral war against Afghanistan," echoed Sitaram Yechury for Chennai's mass-circulation The Hindu (Oct. 13)...



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