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Rides to New York to Protest the WEF!

Come ride with us to New York to protest the World Economic Forum!
The Chicago Direct Action Network will be renting at least one van (and maybe a bus) to travel to New York for the protests against the World Economic Forum. The van(s) will be leaving on Thursday night from the New World Resource Center at 6 pm. We will take part in the weekend's events and leave New York then on Sunday the 3rd of February. The expense for the trip will be about $40 - $50 per person and will include the round trip with gas.

We are currently looking into housing for everyone who is interested in coming along.

If you would like to purchase a ticket, or need to know any details, please contact Cliff Willmeng at: (847)733-9385, or email yippie5 (at) Let us know asap!

Hope to hear from you soon!
La Lucha Sigue!
Cliff Willmeng
Chicago Direct Action Network



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