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A Need For the Left to Think Outside of Dogma

The left has been very positive in protesting against the war, but...
this is not he Cold War and Cold War arguments may not work this time around. The western assault on the Muslim world has a lot to do with economics, but you will do yourself a major injustice by thinking of this in soley economic terms. Major politcal, social and religous themes play a big role in this, and to say that Afghanistan has been attacked because of oil, is simply just leftist clinging to dogma like a Catholic clings to the rosary. This war is actually about the US trying to crush all resitance in the Muslim world.

I read a publication by The Labor Party in which they feaeured articles by Marx and Engles on Islam. What the hell is that all about? Since when did they become scholars on Islam, and the articles themselves demonstrated that they had very little knowledge of Muslim culture, and that they carried western stereotypes.In order to understand this conflict you will have to understand the Muslim world, and you will not get that from anyone but Muslims, no matter how well-intentioned the left may be.



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