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Update Argentina: Debut of the First President of the Year

The following is an eyewitness account from IMC Argentina- "In this way Duhalde had his debut. In a few hours more, the photos - Look, in my corner they are starting a fire, so I think it will go for a long time. "
-OK, see you in the Congress (Parlament).

It was midnight and Duhalde, the first president of the year, began his speech. The wind brought the first noises, that at the end of the Legislative Assembly were general.
Going down through Av. Jujuy towards Once, we met three pickets one in Garay, the second in Belgrano and the third in Rivadavia. From Plaza Once the fire was still seen. and people was concentrating two blocks from Congress, there were the police "corralito" (barricade) let them reach.

On the other side, on Callao, other group was grouping, and the same on Av. de Mayo side. In the
meantime,the "cacerolazo" was general all over
the city.

The rumor spread as usual, someone starts and the rest follow. We march to Plaza de Mayo. The columns were formed by themselves, disorderly. Many youngsters beating what they could; older ladies with the spans and
others taking off the dustins to use them as drums.

Along the way we met dozens of policemen armed to the teeth, filling pick-ups showing how many they were.

In the Plaza were are thousands again and the police cut the lights so as to begin the repressive environment.
The rumor, spreading from mouth to mouth, repeats again; the human wave returns to Congress, walking through Av. de Mayo and making as much noise as possible. The moto of the day: elections now, i did not vote for him, until the classic returned: everybody must leave no one must
remain. The first "cacerolazo" of the year was massive until five in the morning and at this time there are still groups rounding the parlament.

This was the debut of the president, elected, as someone said, by 226 people. The preliminaries took place earlier.
After midday he started grouping his party apparatus so that they "make the support" at the Congress

Duhalde's patota atacked the columns of the leftist parties, that came to protest, with the result of a full battle, in which the police - to put things straight - sided in favor of the peronists.

Then, while the legislative assembly was in session, the plans of the new government were beginning to be known: devaluation of the peso, maintenance of the zero deficit, pay local creditors of the debt and negotiation of the rest, maintenance of the "corralito", issue of bonds
for payment of salaries and a new agreement with the IMF.

This ambitious plan, which includes, through the devaluation, a fall in the salary of the majority of the population in a 30%, will face more than one stone in its way. Less than 5 minutes after assuming power he
already faced the first.

translated by ester cabral



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