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New Years Revolutions

We who believe in Freedom shall not rest until it comes.
Happy New Year Indy Allies
New Years Revolutions

Resist Facism in every way everyday
Denounce the oppressors lies, support independent media, spread truth
Smash capitalism, get out in the streets, manifest, stop unnecessary consumption
Fight no war but class war
Construct Practices consistent with praxis
All policy and practice begins with the question, "How will this benefit the poor and the planet?
Be your own leader, lead by doing, do the right thing
Embrace multiplicity, centers are found in all parts
Develop counterpower and counterculture
Believe in yourself, believe in the people, keep the faith
Keep ego out and community in, solidarity yes
Never give up, never give in to fatalism and sadness

"Revolutionary politics is that which pursues liberty at all times, but not associated so much with men or institutions, but rather as a constant evolution that does not allow itself to be tied down, to lose, to be embodied or institutionalized. The search for liberty is tied to the creating of the real movement, of the practical critique, of constant questioning and of the unlimited development of life."

We who believe in Freedom shall not rest until it comes.

Luna Si



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