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That (Supposedly) Liberal Media

That (Supposedly) Liberal Media
''CNN's new promo for an upcoming New Year's Day special, "Profiles in Leadership":

'In a year of remarkable change and uncommon challenge, America witnessed extraordinary courage from unforgettable heroes.

CNN brings you an all new special about the seven powerful people whose inspirational leadership united our nation.

A CNN New Year's special: Profiles in Leadership. 7 eastern, 4 pacific..'

"The" seven powerful people, says the ad. Apparently there were exactly seven, whose "inspirational leadership united our nation." Throughout the promo, American flags, blue skies, and gauzy slow-mo clips of the Inspirational Seven are shown, set to triumphant music.

So who are they? Let's take a look:

1) George W. Bush (Republican)

2) Dick Cheney (Republican)

3) Colin Powell (Republican)

4) Condoleeza Rice (Republican)

5) Rudy Giuliani (Republican)

6) Laura Bush (Republican)

7) Donald Rumsfeld (Republican)''

- Media Whores Online

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