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Save the Date! - Friday, January 11: A Benefit for Chicago Indymedia!

When: 7 PM - Friday, January 11, 2002
Where: Women in the Director’s Chair
941 W. Lawrence, Ste. 500, Chicago
Benefit for the Chicago Independent Media Center!
El centro de medios de communcación independientes

When: 7 PM - Friday, Jan. 11, 2002
Where: Women in the Director’s Chair
941 W. Lawrence, Ste. 500, Chicago
Tickets: $10/$15 at the door

Featuring IMC videos, local indy film screenings, drinks/snacks, DJs/dancing, and much more! Films include Madison Indymedia's new documentary "Quebec 2001: The Battle Against the F.T.A.A."; "Crowd Bites Wolf ", a documentary on the Prague IMF/World Bank protests; "9-11", New York Indymedia's new documentary on New York peace and justice organizing in the wake of September 11; and other shorts.

The flicks:
* Quebec 2001: The Battle Against the F.T.A.A. (37 minutes) Madison Independent Media Center: 34 heads of state. 6,000 cops. 60,000 protesters. Two miles of chain link. One secret document…a journey through the historic April 2001 protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Quebec City.

* Crowd Bites Wolf (22 minutes) GuerrillaVision/UK: Comic story blending fiction and fact about the September 2000 International Monetary Fund/World Bank protests in Prague – including frontline assaults on the closed meetings. Protest footage with a plot!

* 9.11 (28 minutes) New York Indymedia: NYC residents coming to terms with the aftermath of September 11th and the potential violence of a protracted war. Documents the first NYC peace march, the emerging coalescence with the global movement for economic and social justice, racial backlash against Arab-Americans – and how those communities are responding.

* PLUS: shorts from CAN-TV and Indymedia Newsreal

The tunes: dance your ass off!
* DJ Quantazelle dance music + multimedia/performance/costume extravaganza.
* DJ Masta and his dance/house/Latin rhythms

All proceeds go to bankroll new office space for the Chicago Independent Media Center! Donations gratefully accepted. Please make checks payable to 8th Day Center For Justice, and write CIMC in the note section.

The Chicago Independent Media Center is a collective of independent media groups and activists who provide grassroots, non-corporate coverage of issues and events that affect the lives of ordinary Chicagoans. We’re part of the global Indymedia network – committed to producing and distributing news that promotes social and economic justice. Got a labor or community issue the corporate media isn’t covering? Tell your stories on Chicago Indymedia’s newswire!

For more info, go to or call 773-334-9142.

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