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From the book "The Redneck Manifesto" by Jim Goad (genius, probably in some nuthouse or jail by now - that's where they put them - the ones on tv/radio have nothing new to say - that's why they're allowed there.
"While today's young'uns are bound to know a lot about racism, they probably couldn't tell you a thing about American labor history. And it's too bad, because they're being fattened for slaughter just like their ancestors were. ...We continue to flog ourselves over cowboys and Injuns, but we feel no guilt over what railroad companies did to rail workers.

And what they're doing to me for not having a job for 7 years (looking hard for 2) is so stressful, beyond belief! I'm a woman, middle aged in AMerica, and I'm not much better off than the one's in Afghanistan. Not even a pot to piss in!



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