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New Year's Eve Vigil for Peace and Justice

New Year's Eve Vigil for Peace & Justice
Monday, December 31st, 2001
11:00 PM - 12:15 AM
Navy Pier (across from South side entrance)
600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago
The events of 2001 have had a devastating impact on all people of conscience. We started the year with the presidential election still being bitterly contested, and then the horror of Genoa made us reel. September 11th took us to a place of terror and grief that was etched into our collective memories forever. Rather than use the tragedy of
9-1-1 to begin a national debate on American foreign policy,
the Bush Administration used it to launch a "War Against Terrorism" where innocent people die in Afghanistan and civil liberties are violated here at home.

We have all suffered major damage to our collective psyche and sense of humanity during this past year. Let us start
2002 with a cry for peace and justice.

We are not issuing the call for this vigil as representat-
ives of any organization but as individuals that feel the need to witness for peace. We do not seek or want organizat-
ional endorsements. Our vision is a small vigil of 10 - 25
people with simply worded posters and candles to stand in
contrast to the New Year's Eve celebrations in the ballrooms
of Navy Pier. Please dress warmly, and bring something hot to drink.



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