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Guardians of Individual Rights!

Our government should be the guardian of individual rights.
Our government should be guardian of individual rights rather than violating those rights. Von Mises said those that don't know how to serve their fellow humans wants to rule them. That's what we have going on now in the U.S. These non-elected bureaucrats (got the job because they are stupid or good bootlickers of Hitler) running around acting like they were hired to act like little Hitlers, tyrant thugs (I don't think there are too many Ron Paul libertarian types working there). And they have "planned" everything, just like Hitler planned his program, when the only thing that works is the free market, freedom, privacy, individual sovereignty. Instead, we give individuals Ritalin or put them in some nuthouse. Anyone that isn't boring and stupid, they (they being the new aristocrats, the new elite, the new rich/bootlickers) think is sick. We should celebrate the individual, that's where progress has always come from - the supreme individual.

If we are allowed more freedom, there would be less violence. People need freedom. Also, if we stopped teaching them coercion and force through forced taxes, monopoly post office, monopoly schools, the State with guns, but not the people, union bullies, bureaucratic tyrants bossing people around and stealing their kids and land, forced drugging, we'd show a less violent way of life. But our government is the worst in force and violence - so how do we expect people to be any different?



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