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Security Council's Genocide

Security Council's Genocide goes on in Iraq while children of Palestine going through decades long HOLOCAUST.
Since the cessation of the Gulf Massacre in 1990;
1. Who have authorised the Brits and Yanks to bomb Iraq?
2. Why is it 500 000 Iraqi children under five have been murdered by them being denied the most basic medicine?
3. How many combat missions have been or are being carried out in Iraq?
4. How many sorties have been fired on Iraq?
5. How many cruise missiles have been fired on Iraq?
6. How much depleted uranium shells and other chemicals were dumped on Iraq?
7. Are these radioactive materials and chemicals going to damage, initially Iraq and then gradually, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region?
8. Is it a long-term US/UK plan to depopulate the whole area & hand over the management of it to somebody else like American Petroleum Consortium?
9. How many people and animals were slaughtered because of the relentless bombings in Iraq?
10. How many Iraqi women and elderly people were murdered by denying them the most basic medicine and food items?
11. Who originally shared the bed and bunker with Saddam Hussein and supported the butchering of the Iranians & Kurds?
12. Why did the US and UK encourage the Kurds and Shiites to rise against Saddam but later abandoned them and allowed the very same people to be massacred by Saddam?
13. Who gave Saddam all of those so called weapons of mass destruction in the first place?
14. On what basis did Madeline Albright say, "these murders are worthwhile"?
15. On what basis James Rubin of the US State Department dismiss the above mentioned figures (500 000 Iraqi children under 5 murdered) which were provided by the UN ?
16. Why did three heads of the UN mission in Iraq resign?
17. Why are there so many "Neutral Zones" between Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia …..?
18. Why did the US and UK muzzle the Security Council?
19. How many US/UK troops are suffering from the "Gulf War" Syndrome?
20. Why have so many Iraqis suffered from various types of cancers and other unusual diseases?



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