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Love V Seeds of Fire

New approach to war against terrorism gaining ground on Capitol Hill
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War Against Terrorism - News and Comment

Don't Take the Bait - Fight Smart
Who is the enemy?

News Update 11 - 23 Dec, 2001


"There's no way that our Government could mandate love"
A lament from George Bush, London Times, 22 Dec 2001

So what's the alternative?

"Every single time these numbers have been achieved, extraordinary peace and prosperity has resulted,' Collins said. 'It’s never failed. The research is out there, and the results have been published in leading scientific journals. I would hope Defense Secretary Rumsfeld would look at this research and say, ‘What have we got to lose?’ It’s like an insurance policy. We have to do things now to protect our way of life. I see all this evidence that this approach works, and I just think we need to get the word out."
Seventh Heaven's (Warner Bros), Stephen Collins, on Invincible Defense Technology, on NBC and ABC television, Dec 2001

'Invincible Defense' Strategy Welcomed on Capitol Hill - click here


'WAT' Media News Updates

'Seeds of Fire' - Sensational three hour US Rense Radio interview with award winning UK intelligence expert on inevitable failure of current approach to global terrorism - 17 Dec 2001
(China and bin Laden; plus alleged Sudanese friend of bin Laden has contract for security at UK nuclear installations, Houses of Parliament, Foreign Office, and Home Office - jump 2hrs 21min 39 sec into broadcast for UK story - and much more. This claim is supported by a parliamentary question by Baroness Cox in the House of Lords 7.29pm October 18, 2001. More at . More on 'Seeds of Fire' at )

"If there was a military solution to terrorism Israel would be one of the safest countries on the planet"
Rense Radio

Preventing Terrorism - Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy - Click Here



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