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Take over Argentinean embassies!

Social revolution in Argentina NOW, tomorrow the world!

The government of Argentina doesn’t exist anymore. The land is in the hands of the people, the ruling classes scream: ”the country is in chaos”, ”Argentina is in a political vacuum” or ”in the streets and squares anarchy rules”.

But we know that this means that the country is in the order of the truth, which means in the hands of the people. Yes, now a different order, far from the elite and the corrupt power’s order, reign. Now our order, the order of the people rules!

With the spontaneous acting and organizing, the people have, through streets and squares, been victorious. With its own unarmed hand, only equipped with will and energy, the people has forced down the state and the capital on its knees.

But soon they will come back, and meanwhile we must organizing ourselves and make it harder for them to take back the things we have forced away from them.

We urge all revolutionary and radical groups in Sweden and the world to listen the will of the Argentinean people, that the Argentinean embassies shall be occupied and there create Temporary Autonomous Zones.

The Argentinean embassies shall be used as public cultural/social Centrum in the days and home for homeless and poor in the nights!

Don’t cry, organize!

Disabled Liberation Front, Women Liberation Front, activists within Resistencia Vencerá

If your group/organization wants to sign this statement, please send a mail with the name, email and, if possible, website of the group/organization to: upprop_argentina (at)

We build our statement upon the first communiqué of the Argentinean people, which we have attached in the end of this message.


The government of Argentina doesn’t exist anymore. The country is in the hands of the people who has driven all the corrupt politicians and will not accept any other corrupt politicians, whether he calls himself radical or peronist.

The ambassadors and consulates in the different cities around the world have therefor no authorization by the Argentinean people.
We call the people all over the world to go to the Argentinean embassy or consulate in your countries and demand the resignation of the personal, including the ambassadors.
You are legitimated by the people on the streets of Argentina to do what you want with these buildings, which are a part of the Argentinean territory. Why not a cultural center or homing for people without anywhere to sleep?



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