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Do You Love America? Do You?

Do You Love America? Do You?
''For disagreeing with the Bush Administration's response to the attack on America, I've been reported to the authorities, threatened with violence, and called every vulgarity. Sweep away the colorful insults and bulging veins, and the bottom line to most of these criticisms is that I'm not a good patriot. "You don't even love America," one particularly proud patriot told me.

What exactly does that mean?

I do dearly love American culture, with its kitsch and sit-coms and double-bacon cheeseburgers. I'm fond of the American people, their gruff but generally good-natured ways, willingness to pitch in and help out, and all-around amiability. I'm crazy about American music, American movies, American baseball, and American food.

I love being able to say what I want, with only anger, threats and insults -- not prison -- as the price to pay.

But apparently, I don't love America the way we're all supposed to -- like we love our favorite football team. Do you have a Donald Rumsfeld action poster on the wall? Is there a flag with the team colors flying from your house and car? Where's your team-logo sweatshirt, your red-white-and-blue coffee mug?

Do you love America?''

- Helen Highwater, UknownNews.Net

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