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Rebellion in Argentina

At least 22 people have died and several hundred have been injured in Argentina as anti-government demonstrations escalated due to an economic crisis that has crippled the nation.

On Dec. 19, a nationwide strike led to the resignation of the Finance Minister who oversaw the liberalization of the national economy. Government authorities declared a 30-day href="">state of emergency in a futile effort to curb the protests. The following day, Argentina's President Fernando de la Rua href="">resigned after 2 years in office, fleeing from the government palace in a helicopter to escape throngs of protesters who were clashing with riot police outside.

Argentina now faces $155 billion debt and a soaring unemployment level, in part due to its implementation of International Monetary Fund policies. As demonstrations continue, protesters in Argentina have issued an international appeal for solidarity actions at Argentine embassies and consulates around the world. For breaking news from Argentina, check out">IMC Argentina

="">The Battle for Buenos Aires- An Eyewitness Account

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