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Open Letter to the American Family Association


As a deist who has no need to prove what cannot be proven in order to garner credibility, or condemn someone to effectual suppression through biasing the minds of those listening, I am confident that you will be making some admissions here, whether you choose to or not.

Open Letter to the American Family Association and the ‘2,989,431 Supporters Strong and Growing’

Dear Mr. Donald E. Wildmon:

My mother fled a viciously abusive alcoholic husband, taking with her three toddlers because my drunken father decided to beat me at six month old until I was black and blue.

My mother rejected Catholic subservience to an abusive husband, and remarried after four years of raising young three boys on her own – with only a grade eight education. Today she suffers from terrible, painful rheumatoid arthritis.

I fear that after all of her suffering, my dear sweet ever-loving mother will be going to her grave believing that she may not see me on that ‘golden shore’, because of religious literature that is supposedly ‘revealed’ by G-d.

I have here a quote from a reference on your website, Mr. Wildmon:

“Includes information designed to assist with Christian living on a practical level. The AFA offers many thought provoking articles.”

How does your religious talk comfort Matthew Shepard’s family in their grief? How do you comfort Christian parents who secretly live with believing that their GLBT child or children will not be with them on that ‘golden shore’? Who on this earth has a god-given right and desire to affect the minds of others ‘on a practical level’ by such cruelty, and blasphemy in the Great and Wonderful NAME of G-d?

As a deist who has no need to prove what cannot be proven in order to garner credibility, or condemn someone to effectual suppression through biasing the minds of those listening, I am confident that you will be making some admissions here, whether you choose to or not.

I believe that if you really wish ‘to assist with Christian living’ you will either attend to the determination herein, or continue unsanctioned hereby. As an entire ministry based on condemnation and suppression, through of the indignation of others, legally, ‘on a practical level’ you deserve a day in court for your hate crimes. The unbalanced law courts maintain custody of Charles Manson for his so-called mind-control hate-crime, while You People are free to roam – with tax-exemption to boot. I see how You People are the ‘gate-way drug’ to fundamentalist terrorism, and I will bet that many others do as well.

My spiritual journey went from being born Catholic, to being raised Seventh Day Adventist, to searching all so-called revealed religious branches. Now that I have seen the greater vision, I feel that when the inevitable world judgment which I labor for daily does happen, the safest place to be standing will be among deists – like those who had purer intentions in creating their national Constitution than theocratic tyrannical interpretation and destruction.

I assert that deists, atheists, and freethinkers, whom biblically twisted propaganda cannot survive in co-existence with, would side with me in the condemnation of your irresponsibly divisive hate speech.

I am a Deist, and I have my own religion within. I do not push it upon others by way of law, but inspire others to rise up and come away from the veil of oppression that we call political and religious suppression.

I am a Deist who understands the impossibility of disregarding established expectations of false interpretations of the prophecies written for ‘unrevealed’ religion. I know that I cannot hope to gather positive attention by standing in defiance to this historical political human landmark and cornerstone that we all call bible prophecy. I am a Jewish Deist appalled by Zionism, because I have had a glimpse of the illuminati-deism of that Nazarene who spoke most effectively in riddle. [I could laugh at the conspirators of the Illuminati, because they are blind to the need for a counter-CIA or counter-Curia, but their pathetically blind ways result from the lies of theocrats that hate counter-Establishment.]

Christ told his friends not to believe it if people say the messiah has returned, because he knew that the theocrats would lay claim to being messiah and deceive many who would gather to them. He knew, by his own experience, that Messiah could not be a destructible human being standing in a destructible temple, where the Zionist can usher his congregation to see and hear the false judgment of those who have rebelled against their god.

Messiah is not someone that the dragon can destroy. Messiah is a song of jubilee. Messiah is not something that the serpent can deploy. Messiah is a song of jubilee. You Mr. Wildmon, you are someone that the dragon chooses NOT to destroy, and the American Family Association is something that the serpent DOES deploy.

I was angry with groups like the American Family Association. The hatred that these ‘ministries’ inspired within me ALMOST made me feel like sending personal death threats, because they have become like tax-exempt, hatemongering media untouchables. I know that that would only enlarge their so-called martyrdom and make me look like a cowardly tyrannical fool who needs to suppress through bloodshed in order to exonerate himself, so I decline to exercise such self-defeating foolishness.

I have no need to use personal threats or insults, of which you would simply appeal to others to see as rage and irrationality, thus eliminate me from the high places of intelligent discussion - after my ‘fifteen minutes of fame’.

I will admit that I cannot avoid speaking libel to whichever Group Mentality will claim it, but I do invite them to legally trace me and charge me for my ‘insurrection’.

If you are sore about certain IMC censorship, I hope you find something to add to your argument at this link:

“The mighty hunters cannot take down the lion, because he is a fictional character doing battle in the world of nonfiction. He is the lion of the tribe of scapegoats.

“Illness persists in labeling other ideologies as illnesses, while commanding respect for their effectual suppression. Imagine the healing that is going to happen when the media kings are forced to take just one hour in human history to allow the hearing of voices condemned to silence by the abomination of desolation – and the veil in the temple of human mass communication.” - yezbok drahcir

[NOTE: IMC Boston is now my favorite IMC, especially because the editors do not hide my written appeals to refrain from censorship.]

Here is a little something for Cindy Sheehan and Samuel Alito.



Because I cannot violate my mother’s privacy, I will use the following pseudonym:

~ Fellow Screen Captor of Submission and Documenter of provable Censorship

PS – I will be sending this same letter to the AFA email department.



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