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12/20: Buenos Aires: Urgent messages from Organización Libertaria Socialista

The images speak for themselves and the world can make its judgements at first glance. Every square metre of the central Plaza de Mayo is being defended against the usurpors: the mounted police, the water tanks which protect the politician/businessmen and the businessmen/politicians who have made plunder and spoiling a way of life and repression their sport.
12/20: Buenos Aires: Urgent messages from Organización Libertaria Socialista (OSL)

The OSL will take action at 20.00 in a march to Plaza de Mayo together with other social organisations. Meanwhile, anarchist militants have been battling the pollice since the morning in the Plaza de Mayo.

The forces of public order are there because that is what they are paid to do: to shut up and obey. We we will be their with our conviction that a different way of living is possible and that is what we are fighting for!


Arriba los que luchan!


Translation by Apoyo Mutuo

internacional (at)

Urgent Message from Organizacion Socialista Libertaria (OSL) of Argentina. Dated Thursday December 20th, 2001 8:51 AM

The federal police have just forced two hundred demonstrators to leave the Plaza de Mayo. Five or six "Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo" were beaten up,

including Hebe de Bonafini.

- Looting continues in Rosario.

Current figures show 22 dead through the country and 1210 arrested under martial law.

OSL, Buenos Aires

Publishers of En La Calle, the voice of organised anarchism.

Translated by Apoyo Mutuo (Spain)

internacional (at)

- Message from Organizacion Socialista Libertaria of Buenos Aires "What sadnessm, poverty and rancour there is in my country..."


The events of the last few hours can be found on:

As regards the OSL, we were up until the late hours of the morning in the street, each militant discussing in his or her neighbourhood the best way to establish a minimal territorial organization with the goal of defeating the state of seige. The total number ofthose killed in the lootings is not know for sure, but the figure of five is being given as a minimum. The Minister of the Economy has resigned and, with him, all the cabinet. Theidea is to let President De La Rua negotiate a joint shared government with the PJ. Butin order to do so, the PJ must discipline itself. For the moment, its internal strugglesreveal no clear winner. Therefore, the future prospects are still unclear.

Last night we attended a meeting called by the CTA to decide "what to do." The Trade Union leadership did not want to go out and agitate as they were afraid the situationcould get out of their hands. Nevertheless, all that was necessary was to go out andstand on a streetcorner and applaud. In this way at least ten people would join up andin this way the self-managed/self-called demo in the Plaza de Mayo arose and laterthe repression at the Congress. After one a.m. the echos of the protest were a burning flame. By dawn twenty were arrested.

This morning our comrades met up in the trade union offices to prepare movements from the outskirts of the city to arrive with loudspeakers at the Plaza de Mayo. Everyone is calling to organise, this government frightens nobody and the unanimous cry is for it to leave the scene immediately.

The anarchists are totally disperse. In the street skirmishes a few individuals were seen throwing stones and our militants shared the building of barricades with other

organisations, but we are talking about minimal expressions of a movement which hasa debt pending with society.

After a spontaneous, irreverent and brave show of force of a people that is tired of being humilliated, we cannot spend the day after sharing anecdotes about the battle.

We must throw ourselves fully towards building people's organisation, because if we the people are not capable of giving ourselves the society which we want and need,

ex-President Menem is there waiting to be called, as a replacement part so that nothing changes, waiting like a wolf in the darkness to eat the carrion left behind by

financial capital after the long neoliberal fiesta which burnt its last candle today.


OSL, Argentina.

Anarchist newspaper "En la Calle"


Translated by Apoyo Mutuo

www (at)

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