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Tyson Foods Charged by Tenn. Grand Jury w/ Plot to Smuggle Illegals at 15 Plants

Tyson Foods of Arkansas charged with smugggling illegal workers by Jrand Jury in Tennessee/. read On!
By Anna Marie Stolley: Bloomberg News

CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE---Tyson Foods Inc. was accused of conspiring

to smuggle illegal aliens across the U.S.A. -Mexico

Boundary to it's U.S. poultry processing plants.

A federal grand jury in Appalachian Deep

South Chattanooga, in a 36 count indictment, returned

earlier in December and un-sealed Wednesday December 19,

2001. said the largest U.S> chicken processor tried to

import illegal immigrants at 15 plants. The illegal

workers were less likely to complain about health

violations, poor working conditions, poor salries, and

other illegal activities, the indictment said.

The charges stem from a " few managers

acting outside of company policy," Tyson said in it's

statement. 4 managers named in the indictment were fired

months ago and 2 oters are on administrative leave, said

Ken Kimboro, a Tyson senior vice president.

The indictment is the result of a 2 year 6

month undercover investigation by the I.N.S. of the UNited


Not only does this case involve poultry

factories in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana,

Missouri and Arkansas but Tyson fostered the appearance of

compliance with laws while "hiring workers through

temporary employment agencies."

This appeared on page E3 of The Business

Section. The Associated Press Contributed to this article.

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