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Anti-terrorist Legislation & Civil Liberties on cable-tv

CAN TV Community Forum lists upcoming shows
CAN TV Community Forum presents...

"Anti-terrorist Legislation & Civil Liberties" on (cable channel) CAN TV21 Saturday, December 15th at 9:00pm Wednesday, December 19th at 8:30pm

Also, we have some important programs with groups from the Asian community that are airing very soon...
CAN TV Community Forum presents...

"The Asian Community in Focus" Saturday, December 29th on (cable channel) CAN TV21 8:00pm--Cambodian Association of Illinois 8:30pm-Japanese American Citizens League 9:00pm--Korean American Experience: Korean Americans in Politics (pt. 3) 9:30pm--Multicultural Youth Project (of the Chinese Mutual Aid Association) 10:00pm--Asian Human Services (pt.1) 10:30pm--South East Asia Center (pt.1)


Thomas Morales-Gaunt,
CAN TV Community Forum Coordinator
communityforum (at)
(312) 738-1400



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