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Look how easy it is to fake a "confession video"

Look! Muslims can fake video confessions as well.
Look how easy it is to fabricate a video.. Look at this Bush video.

In about 2 hours only, a high school student and I fabricated a video clip
of Bush speaking.

We were surprised how easy it was .. we changed what he said and added
subtitles of the new talk ..

Think how easy it would be for Hollywood professionals!!

Click here and be patient and you will see that videos on computers cannot
be used as evidence because they can be changed and fabricated ..

We made Bush say: "Thousands of Arab Americans who committed these acts
and those who harbour them are held accountable .. make no mistake"

In reality, Bush didn't say that .. but later in the tape in a part we
have not included excluded harming those "Thousands of Arab Americans who
love the American flag"

So we have changed what's said to something else

Wassalamu Alaikum

Osama and the high school student - Sydney - Australia



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