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Global Relief Foundations Assets Frozen

(Washington, DC, 12/14/2001) The assets of a second American Muslim charity, Global Relief Foundation, were frozen today. The order against Global Relief Foundation came on the same day that President Bush sent holiday greetings to Muslims worldwide; a greeting that acknowledged the important role that giving charity to help those in need plays in this Muslim holiday season.
"This is a frontal assault on the American Muslim community," said American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ) Executive Director Khalid Turaani. "Muslims around the world are asked to believe that America is not at war with Islam, yet the assets of two highly-respected American Muslim charities have been frozen with no evidence produced. The only crime of the Holy Land Foundation and now Global Relief Foundation seems to be easing the suffering of the impoverished peoples of the Muslim world," he continued.

AMJ issued the following statement in response to the action taken against Global Relief Foundation:

"Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere will suffer as a direct result of this unfounded attack on American Muslim charities. Those already facing dire circumstances will suffer even more, as money donated to ease their suffering sits frozen. This is money that American Muslims from across the country donated in good faith and in fulfillment of religious obligations. Charitable giving is an important part of this Muslim holiday season. That the charitable gifts of American Muslims would be frozen just days before the end of Ramadan and the Eid Al-Fitr holiday is a callous affront to the community.

"President Bush has invited Muslim children to the White House on Monday to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. Photo-ops with Muslim children in America will not buy the US the goodwill of the Muslim peoples, when American actions cause Muslim children overseas to go hungry. The longer this attack on American Muslim institutions continues, the more people in the Muslim world will believe that the President did not misspeak when he used the word "crusade."

"Inconsistent policies that target only members of one faith send an ominous message to the American Muslim community. Just three days ago two members of the Jewish Defense League were arrested for plotting a bomb attack against a member of the United States Congress, yet their assets have not been frozen. Their offices have not been closed. Ariel Sharon's war machine continues to rampage unimpeded throughout the Occupied Territories, thanks to a green light from America. Missiles rain from American F-16 fighter jets and Apache helicopters. American Caterpillar bulldozers continue to demolish Palestinian homes.

"It will take more than an invitation to the White House and a Voice of America broadcast to convince people in the Muslim world of the goodness of America. It will
take policies that live up to the goodness that America is supposed to be."



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