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For peace and justice in the Middle East

The Illinois District of the Communist Party USA condemns the Bush
administration's support for the Israeli government's brazen war of
aggression against the Palestinian people.

Stop the war against the Palestinian people!

End the Israeli occupation!

For peace and justice in the Middle East!

The Illinois District of the Communist Party USA condemns the Bush

administration's support for the Israeli government's brazen war of

aggression against the Palestinian people.

Masquerading as "war on terrorism," recent Israeli government attacks on the

Palestinians, including the bombings and military invasions of Gaza and the

West Bank, are aimed at completely destroying the Palestinian people's quest

for social justice.

This policy will not lead to peace and security. Its escalation poses a

threat not only to the survival of the Palestinians, but also to Israel and

the security of the entire world.

The Israeli government's policy of occupation of Arab lands, annexation of

new territory and building Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands, military

coercion, mass house demolitions, economic boycotts, and border closures have

brought untold suffering and humiliation to the Palestinian people.

Highly provocative acts by the Sharon government gave rise to the mass

uprising of the Palestinian people. In a little over a year, more than 850

Palestinians have been killed and more than 20,000 wounded. More than 220

Israeli Jews have also died.

A particularly inflammatory Israeli policy--that of "liquidating" Palestinian

political leaders through death-squad-like assassinations-has added fuel to

the fire and provoked further retaliatory actions from Palestinians,

including suicide bombings by extremist elements.

Recent suicide bombings by Hamas and other groups-bombings that have killed

innocent Israeli civilians and which cannot be justified under any

circumstances-have given the Sharon government the pretext it needs to try to

crush the Palestinian people's liberation.

Our Party rejects terrorism, whether it emanates from individuals, groups, or

states. At the same time, we support the right of the Palestinian people to

self-determination, national sovereignty, and statehood.

We share the urgent desire of the global community to end the danger of

terrorism here, the Middle East and worldwide. However the Sharon government

and the Bush Administration must not be allowed to use a vaguely defined "war

on terrorism" as a pretext to terrorize the Palestinian people, to block

their national aspirations, or to threaten them with annihilation.

A chief aim of the Bush administration is to dominate the entire Middle East

for exploitation by the big U.S. oil companies. It is encouraging the most

right wing elements in the Israeli government.

These events have a direct impact on the working people of Illinois. This

war against the Palestinian people is being waged with our tax dollars and

military assistance.

Arab Americans have been victimized by acts of racist bigotry and racial

profiling by law enforcement agencies. Threats to civil liberties,

immigrant rights, and human rights grow each passing day under the direction

of John Ashcroft and the Bush administration.

We sharply condemn the continuing illegal occupation of Palestinian lands by

Israel and demand:

- The dismantling of all Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories,

- The return by Israel to its 1967 borders,

- The right of Palestinian people to return to their historic homeland.

- The U.S. government cut all aid to the Israeli government until it complies

with these demands, which have been supported by relevant UN resolutions.

- Global cooperation to stop the bloodshed through a United Nations

peacekeeping force.

- An end to the undemocratic and racially-motivated persecution of Arab

Americans, and the efforts by the federal and state government to drastically

curtail the civil liberties of all citizens and non-citizens in the name of

"fighting terrorism."




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