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The 2005 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

The 2005 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review
"It was the year 2005. Treacherous political and economic forces have conquered the city of Chicago. Now from secret staging bases on the internet and locales across the city, the valiant Chicagoans prepare to retake their home city."

(Sorry, I just had to write that. For those of you who get the reference, congratulations. Ten points. For the rest of you, read the quotes here: )

2005 was a year in which the dramatic expansion of communications and social software applications like blogs, webfeeds, mailing lists, wikis, and many more, combined with the internet, made it far easier for people to Be The Media. This resulted in a proliferation of communications potential, and all the possibilities, good and bad, that come with it.

And yet, in the midst of such proliferation, Chicago Indymedia -- which some might think as a diluted or obsolete resource -- continues to serve as a prominent news and information portal for thousands of Chicagoans and many others interested in Chicago efforts towards peace and justice.

As evidence, consider the following: the list below of coverage of Chicago-area news events as posted on Chicago Indymedia in 2005, comprising the Chicago Indymedia 2005 Year in Review.

The coverage below, more than 360 links' worth, is grouped in a dozen categories -- a testament to the hard and ongoing work and struggles of so many people. The categories are listed as follows:

The Arts
Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
Education Organizing
Environment Organizing
International Affairs
LGBT Rights
Labor Organizing
Media Democracy
Peace Organizing
Various Assorted Actions
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Book Review: 'CyberRadicalism' by Davidson & Harris

Chicago Indymedia Film Reviews


Press Release: Illinois Muslim Worker Files Bias Suit

Chicago Cops Head To D.C. For Inauguration

FBI Guilty in Death Row Frame-Up

Protesters Sue for Class Action Status in Mass Cop Arrest Case

The Creeping Police State

Enough is Enough Dispatch: Judge Decides New Trial for Police Torture

Enough is Enough Update: Congratulations to Harold Hill and Dan Young

Security cameras to keep an eye on entire lakefront

Stun Gun Interrogation - the torture continues (Enough is Enough commentary)

Chicago Slavery Disclosure Law

ACLU Files Suit in Chicago vs Rumsfeld & Torture

Chicago's OEMC announces the launch of a new homeland security grid

Civil Liberties Battle Brings War Home to Chicago

Opening Arguments Today in New Chicago Police Torture Case

Update on Halsted Three

Anti-Immigrant Group with Ties to White Supremacist to Meet Tuesday, March 22nd

Arrest of Hyde Park high-schooler at McDonald's leads to protest

Chicago Cops Face Lawsuit for Framing Angel Rodriguez

Two Arrests at CTA Protest

Charges Dismissed Against The Frank Kruesi Two

Fear and Art: Secret Service Raids Another Chicago Art Exhibit

Where Are The Women? Chicago Nuns Mobilize for Womens Rights in Catholic Church

Enough Is Enough Dispatch: Victory for Police Torture Victim Robert Ornelas

Peace Group Sues Chicago Police Over Infiltration Documents

Chicago Defender: Did Area 2 cops cross the line?

Mayor Daley and Chicago Police Torture Conspiracy

Reprint from Wired Magazine: "Spycam Force" -- about Chicago surveillance

Anti-Police Brutality Protest at U.S. Mayors' Conference

Vigil honors May Molina anniversary

Report Back from Animal Rights Events at Wachovia Securities

UPDATE: Fed Raid on Black Panther's Widow, Son Connected to Patterson Trial

Why Illinois Must Pass a Resolution Against the Patriot Act - CCCLR's Position

Police Brutality in Pilsen

Federal Jury Finds Chicago Cops Guilty in Beating Case

The Issue Of Snitches

Photos from Harold Washington College "Money for Relief Not War" Speak Out

Ward Churchill to Speak at DePaul University

Rally to Defend Ward Churchill (update)

Mentally Retarded Man Beaten, Tasered by Chicago Police

Activists Protest Columbus Day Parade

Community Protests Cop's Killing of Youth

Supporters of Police Shooting Victim To Rally at Operation P.U.S.H. Today

Human-rights group asked to aid Burge probe

Tenants Fight Back Against Displacement

Minister Calls for Police Accountability in Wake of Settlement to Framed Brutality Victim

Family of Police Shooting Victim Walter Armstrong to Testify at Tonight's Police Board Meeting

Tenants Fight Back Against Displacement

Chicago: Torture in the Homeland

Illinois Activists Arrested Before Toledo Nazi Rally

Chicago Case Highlights Broader Clash over Immigration


Senn Task Force Meeting Becomes Hotbed of Debate

Marines Face Tougher Recruiting Questions

Midwest Books to Prisoners

Englewood H.S. Closings Mtg. and Protest

Englewood parents, students and residents fight to stop closure of schools

"Little Village Getting School It Hungered For"

Senn High Poem

Counter recruiters overwhelm Army, contract recruiters at UIC

University of Chicago aligns with Worker Rights Consortium

Students Protest Against Job Fair at NEIU

DePaul Students Protest on Eve of Tax Day

"Rickover" Military Academy At Senn HS

NEIU students protest racist Republican "affirmative action" bake sale

Vets, Students Standing Up Against Recruiters

Governors State University: College Newspapers Speech Not Fully Protected, Court Finds

Counter-recruitment Activists at Chicago City Colleges Assaulted by Campus Security

Army recruiters thrive Downstate

Federal Plaza Protest Targets Military Recruiters


Milorad Blagojevich as Pollutician

Filing fails to consider ozone layer, global warming in cost-benefit for O'Hare expansion

Upper Midwest Climatology: New Figures and Graphs

Summary of Testimony on Climate Change to MN Lawmakers

Activists protest Bank One's Investments of Mass Destruction

Meet the Neighbors: What Every Chicagoan Should Know about Bank One's New Daddy

Grassroots environmental victory in Chicago: No dumps, no deals, again!

Victory for Chicago Rainforest actions: JPMorgan Chase has a policy!

The Next Step: Citizen Epidemiology Conference

20-Year Landfill Moratorium Proposed

2nd Dirtiest City

The city blankets Chicagoans with pesticides without debate, without notice

City pesticides and city politics: Squashing more than just bugs?

Don't Eat That Fish: More Mercury Will be the Legacy of New Coal-Burning Plants

Being fooled by climate change

Fur Free Friday - November 2005

Article, Court Statement on Peter Young's sentencing

Organizing for Climate Crisis, D3


Chicago Delegation to World Youth Festival

Report from local activist - My first week in Palestine

Pickets at British Consulate for Irish Republican Political Prisoners

4/13 - International Day of Action Against Caterpillar

"The Last Couple of Weeks in Palestine" by Nathan from ISM-Chicago

Caterpillar backs out of career fair amidst pressure

Addameer Speaking Tour - Report & Photos

Breaking News: ISM-Chicago Activist Arrested in West Bank Protest

A Chicago Activist's 8 Shekels

Photos from 5/15 Walk for a Just Peace in Israel & Palestine

Chicago IFC Continues to Picket British Consulate

1st Labor For Palestine Conference

Caterpillar Plant Anti-Bush Protest

Venezuela Matters Expo in Chicago

CTA Turns Down Discounted Venezuelan Oil, Raises Fares Instead


Illinois finally grants Human Rights to GLBT people

Up-Scale Wal-Mart Still Center Piece of New Gay Center

Victory in the reggae/dancehall "kill gays" lyrics war

Queer youth prepare to make history in Pilsen Neighborhood

Dinner Gala for State Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Draws Protesters

Bad Beginning For Bishops in Chicago

Hundreds Rally at Shepard March

Orgullo en Accion ("Pride in Action")

Quotes from the 2005 Matthew Shepard march


Protest the Firing of Richard Berg

Chicago Maroon: Protest erupts over firing of firing of Local 743 hospital worker

Day Laborers' Group Joins Church in Denouncing 1-21 Attack on Workers

Vigil to support Day Laborers

Teamster Reformer Fired by University of Chicago

Chicago Unity Center opens with fanfare

Victory in Taco Bell Boycott

Immokalee Workers Hold Chicago Forum

Haymarket Photos

May Day and the Haymarket Martyrs

Social Forum Organizers Need to Eject Union Busters

MayDay 2005: Colombian Trade Unionists Presente

Pilsen Labor Organizer Attacked

ALERT: Day Laborers Arrested in Cicero

Iraqi Union Leaders Speak Out

Congress Hotel Strike Passes Second Anniversary

Are AFL-CIO Foreign Policy Leaders Engaging in Dirty Tricks? - Foreign Policy Efforts Being Challenged

IWW Centenary: The Legacy of the IWW

Coverage and commentary of AFL-CIO Convention

United Farm Workers of America, UFCW, SEIU, Teamsters Join Change to Win Coaltion

Head of AFL-CIO International Affairs Department Refuses to be on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" Program with Labor Activists Kim Scipes and Fred Hirsch

Walgreens Strike

Update: SEIU, Teamsters, UFCW, UNITE-HERE to Boycott AFL-CIO Convention

Whither Labor? Big Labor Split Now Seems Certain

Labor activists oppose Federal NED/AFL-CIO funds that hurt unions, democracy

Appeal for Solidarity - Locked Out Union Boilermakers in Meredosia, Illinois

Labor's Third Voice Speaks in Chicago

AFL-CIO Calls for Rapid Return of US Troops--USLAW (US Labor Against War) Press Release

Rupture in AFL-CIO: More labor unity key to fight bosses

Whither Labor?

Will They Stay or Will They Go? The CFL and the Illinois AFL-CIO

A Special Report from Chicago: "Enough is Enough"

Kelber brings down AFL-CIO house

"Nothing's Scarier Than Not Having Health Care" Kicks Off in Chicago

University of Chicago codifies new workers' rights policy

CROOKED Casbah: Defend Workers' Rights in Chicago!


Chicago-area Ministers Denounce SBC Internet-Cable TV Push as 'Digital Redlining'

Chicago Activists Take Down Video Games

What happened to WZRD?

WZRD (88.3 FM) is back on the air!

Efforts succeed - for now -- to delay bill to kill Illinois community internet

Chicago City Council Committee approves city-wide wireless study

Illinois citizens fight newly introduced pro-industry state Telecom Bill

Proposed Bill in Illinois Senate Blocks the Promise of the Digital Age

Illinois Senate Approves Rewrite of State's Telecom Act

ABC 7 Chicago website posts "re-edited" Henry Hyde quote

'Alternative' Media Quietly Sells Out to Whole Foods Market

Illinois Coalition Wins State-Level Telecom Victory

CIMC discussion regarding View From The Ground

Grassroots Media Festival

Chicago community access TV threatened by three federal bills

Suburban grassroots journalist threatened for blogging on seamy side of local politics

Legislation in Washington Attacks Public Access TV

Chicago Media Action files FCC Petition to Deny of all Chicago commercial TV stations


From Senn to the Armory: Counter-inaugural Protest

Strong Resistance Felt at Bush's Second Inaugural

J20 Women's March

J20 DAWN March

Video of Anti-Inaugural event (Chicago)

The Coronation of Little Caesar

Chicago Chaplain Convicted, Catholic Worker Still Faces Trial for SOA Protest

Peace Activists Appeal Citys Denial of Permit to March on War's 2nd Anniversary

Peace activists have day in two courts

Peace Activists To File New Permit Request In Battle over Civil Liberties on 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

City again turns down plan for anti-war march

Vote at the Trib for the right to protest on March 19!

Chicagoland: Your Tax Dollars at Work - Local Costs of the Iraq War

Drugs and death in Afghanistan: What happened to Spc. Juan Torres?

The North Side Long March Against the War

3-9: Action Alert - Pack the Courtroom in Defense of the Right to Protest

Loyola Anti War Network Dies In

M19: Police Threats Will Not Stop Peace Protesters

M19, 2005

4 Arrested for Protesting War

Mayor of Hiroshima Speaks in Chicago

Peace Pledge - Chicago To Launch Petition for City Council Resolution on Iraq

Not Born on the 4th of July: Why I'm Proud to be Unpatriotic

Anyone know how Andy's court date went?

Chicago City Council Gets Resolution on Iraq Withdrawal

City Council Gets Resolution to Get Out of Iraq; 40 Aldermen Already Supportive

Antiwar Contingent in the 2005 Bud Billiken Parade

Voices in the Wilderness: Federal Judge Orders Fine Against U.S. Citizens for Bringing Medicine to Iraq

Cindy Sheehan Vigils Draw Thousands in Chicago Area

Chicago City Council Proposes, Approves Iraq Withdrawal Resolution

Peace groups get boost in Evanston

The 2005 Air and Water Show

Why I traveled to Camp Casey

Hastert's Office Organizes anti-Sheehan Protestors

Great anti-war video

Images/Audio from Antiwar Event with George Galloway

S24 peace protests in DC

Illinois Anti-Warriors and the Attractive Senator

100,000 rings events illuminate Iraqi civilians deaths

N2 Anarchist Feeder March

N2: Chicagoans Protest Against Bush Regime

Veterans Against the War Veterans Day Event

City's Disorderly Conduct Ordinance Faces Constitutional Challenge

Quick Review & Photo from Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Agent Orange Victims Speak Out in Chicago

Updated: Anti-War Activists Disrupt Hillary Clinton in Morning, Evening Actions


Sleep Out at Water Tower Place to raise homelessness awareness

CTA threatens huge cuts

CTA Attacks Performers with False Statute

Woodlawn Press Conference Against Gentrification

Woodlawn Residents Rally Against Gentrification

First Public Art Project by Incarcerated Girls

April Fools - Carnival for Capitalism and War March Pictures

E-Voting Coming to a Polling Place Near You

Forum Calls For More Safeguards Against Voting Fraud

CSF Report: Chicago Social Forum builds connections locally, globally

Waukegan FNB Shut Down by Cops

US Conference of Mayors Invited Guests: Alberto Gonzalez

Behind Closed Doors: Bringing Sex Workers Struggles into the Open

E-Voting Safeguard Bill Stalled in the Illinois House

Animal Rights Activist Could Face 82 Years in Jail and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Fines

The Battle for Rockwell Crossing

CHAnge to CHAos today in Chicago

Frederick Cooper Lamp Workers, Logan Square Community Protest Paltry Severance Package and Gentrification of Community

Four arrested at the Naked Bike Ride

Axing Corporate Graffiti in Chicago

Quick Fix or Legitimate Restructuring?

2005 Disability Pride, "Unity Builds Community," in Chicago, Saturday, July 23

Two arrested at Anti-Fourth of July gathering

One arrested at anti-PLAL demonstration

Critical Mass takes Lake Shore Drive

Naper Settlement to Host Kelly Miller Circus, Again

Millenium Park Not So Public After All

September 12 Pirate Parade turns into spontaneous Reclaim the Streets action

Active Activist Alert

Chicano Artists Promote Healthy Diversity

$2 CTA Fares/No Transfers Proposed

Report: Anti-War/Anti-Colonial Latino Youth Event at UIC

The CTA Balances its Budget on the Backs of the Poor

Protests against Arlington Heights Minuteman Conference

Arlington Heights Five Rearrested

Shoppers Beware: Home Depot Takes Customer to Trial

Two Arrested at Anarchist Halloween Parade

Rahm, Please Tell Us: How Many More Must Die for It to Be "The Right Time?"

Yuppies Attempt to Shut Down Homeless Shelter in Lincoln Park

Illinois Residents May See Skyrocketing Power Rates

CTA Turns Down Discounted Venezuelan Oil, Raises Fares Instead


Sat., M5: International Women's Day Benefit Bash

Chicago Independent Television debuts on Dish Network

What happened at the CIMC Benefit?


Chicago Says Farewell To Carlos Cortez

Chicago Mourns Death of Local Activist, Ken Hunt (known as Sketch)

Charles A. Hall (1914-2005)

Ali Qased, son of Palestine, dies at 62

James Weinstein, 1926-2005

Activist Carl T. Wilson Dies

S29: Filiberto Ojeda Rios - Chicago Puerto Rican Community to Mourn Murdered Patriot

Anniversary of the Death of Samir Odeh, Revolutionary Palestinian Organizer

To Angel's Baby in Heaven



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