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USA To Exempt Itself From Bio-War Treaty?

USA To Exempt Itself From Bio-War Treaty?

''Even as the United States relies on a United Nations-sanctioned peacekeeping force to help ensure order for an incoming Washington-backed government in Afghanistan, U.S. lawmakers are poised this week to deliver a sharp blow to the United Nations and its plans to set up an international court to try war criminals.

Members of Congress are to consider a bill which, if signed into law, would unilaterally exempt U.S. armed forces from prosecution by a proposed International Criminal Court and ban military aid for developing countries that ratify its creation.

The American Servicemembers' Protection Act (Aspa) forbids any U.S. cooperation with the court, including the provision of intelligence information needed to prosecute war criminals. It also authorizes the use of military force to gain the release of any U.S. or allied personnel detained or imprisoned by the court, leading some of its critics to call it "The Hague Invasion Act," after the city where the court is to be based.''


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