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DeKalb Area Peace Response Rally

Keeping up the presence of resistance to the policies of Bush and the war machine, including civil liberties
DeKalb Weekly Day of Peace
Friday, 5-6pm
First Street and Lincoln Highway
at the corner park with the clock

Due to the good response from last weeks National Day of Peace Rally, It was decided by those in attendance to hold another this Friday as well, with the potential to maintain a weekly presence so that we may begin to crack the illusion of support for Bush's terrorist war machine that is emerging as a mile wide and an inch deep. During the short hour that we maintained our presence with signs that called for non-violence as well as a return of civil liberties we received many cheers and honks of support (only one boo and no eggs!).
In the same spirit as last week's National Day of Peace we are inviting all people from DeKalb area to join us in the rapidly growing movement, as well as yourself, feel free to bring signs, posters, and friends (or strangers!). While there was an air of seriousness we also strived to present ourselves as the positive and hopeful people we try to be.

Peace Response Six Points of Unity
1. We mourn the victims and condemn the attacks of September 11th
2. We stand in defense of civil liberties
3. We oppose anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and all forms
of racial, ethnic and religious violence and bigotry
4. We oppose military intervention and war
5. We seek global peace through social and economic justice
6. We uphold justice, not vengeance; bring the perpetrators to
justice through established principles of International Law



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