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URGENT! Donate warm clothes to Afghan Refugees!

Local organization is sending off one of many shipments of community-donated warm clothes to Afghanistan THIS SUNDAY! Here's something YOU can do!
Countless Afghan refugees, as we all know, are living (barely) in floorless tents on freezing ground. But there are some possibilities of getting aid in now. One is based right here in Chicago.

The Lake Street Church in Evanston, as well as the Islamic Center of Chicago, are now accepting donations of blankets, sweater, etc. that will then be sent to Afghanistan to help as many refugees as possible get through the already coming harsh winter. The next package is being sent off DECEMBER 16th (this coming Sunday!). It is a crucial one, so let's all do our part to make it as large as possible! But of course this is a long-term campaign -- it's going to be a long winter, and considering the damage of yet another war, a long struggle.

Here's the info:

Donate warm sweaters, jackets, socks, mittens, blankets, etc. either to the Lake Street Church at 607 Lake Street in Evanston (12-2p.m. Sundays) AND/OR to the Islamic Center of Chicago at 5933 N. Lincoln Ave. (Lincoln/Peterson) anytime.

If you would like to make it a person-to-person gift, attach a photograph or tuck it in a pocket.

Other help needed:

MONEY -- to defray shipping costs (tax deductible).
VOLUNTEERS -- To pack boxes and load truck, etc.

Contacts for more information:
Syed Wahaj Ahmed: 773-262-3483 or
Betsy Bouchard: 847-570-9335



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