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Cops attack Mumia supporters in Philly. Chicago activist charged with felony count! (article 1)
On Dec 8th, in Philly, 9 people were arrested - four of those hospitalized - after police disrupted a peaceful protest for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

What started out as a peaceful march through downtown Philly, abruptly turned into demonstrators being beaten and arrested by Philly cops. None of the ten arrested were given the opportunity to talk to anyone until today.

One protester from Chicago, Tito Daitsman, was brutally beaten by the cops even after he was handcuffed and on the ground.

Those of us that were at the front of the march were unaware that the police stampeded through the crowd hitting protesters until someone ran to the front marchers and told us to run back to help!

We then ran back one block and witnessed - and photographed - the police swinging their clubs, and throwing everyone in their reach to the ground, beating and then arresting them.

One other photographer from Chicago, besides myself, Ru Robbins, was able to capture photographs of the incident before we were brutally assaulted.

Ru Robbins was thrown to the ground from behind, by a cop. She states that if not for a garbage can to break her fall she could have been seriously injured.

Organizers from Chicago, Tracy Kostenbecker and Rust Gilbert, quickly assessed who from Chicago were arrested. Plans have been made to bail out our brother, Tito, and return him to Chicago after his release.

Tito, and the other demonstrators that were arrested are charged with felony counts of rioting and assaulting a police officer.

This is the first time in one year that I have been demonstrating with MOVE members in DC & Philly that we engaged with the police.

Although the Philly police stated that we, the demonstrators, provoked the incident, everyone involved agree that the police became enraged after some demonstrators refused to ignored the police officers negatives comments about the showing of the confession of Arnold Beverly.

MOVE member, Pam Africa, ask that anyone that captured photographs or video recordings of the incident to please contact the International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal
215-476-8812 (in PA).



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