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More Puzzling Evidence - The Missing Osama Tape

Is there some other reason the White House is so sensitive to these conspiracy theories?
U.S. Vice President, Dick Chenny went on national television today touting a mysterious incriminating video tape of Osama bin Laden allegedly left behind in the Talaban's wake, but, like the original "evidence" of Osama bin Laden's complicity in the 9-11 attacks shown to Tony Blair and other foreigners, the American people are deemed unfit to view said evidence. What's THAT about? Does the leadership of the United States have so little respect for their constituents that they withold vital information, or is the so-called evidence questionable?
Administration hawk, Paul Wolfowitz, found it necessary to frame the taped "evidence" in an argument that various "conspiracy theories" around the September 11 attacks harm the war effort, implying that this tape would put an end to such speculation. Fine, roll the tape!
George W. Bush made a similar statement about conspiracy theories before the UN a few weeks ago. Why does the Administration keep raising the "conspiracy" issue? It's barely on the U.S. mainstream media's radar screen. Is there some other reason the White House is so sensitive to these conspiracy theories?
If the Administration wants even more support for their adventures than they apparently already have, they are going to have to lay their cards on the table. Frankly though, the present body of evidence that has ending costing the innocent lives of hundreds of Afghans (in blood payment for thousands of innocent U.S. citizens) looks itself like a house of cards. All this could come crashing down for any number of reasons.



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