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left-wing hysteria over "loss of freedoms" bogus

left-wing hysteria over "loss of freedoms" bogus
Whenever in need of a scapegoat for "evil" or "conspiracy" choose the CIA. Such is the mantra of bogus 'activists' who seek to push their own anti-government agenda.

The same bogus "socialists" who march down the street on May Day with their Nikes and Gap clothes, who preach against the "racist" war in Afghanistan, not surprisingly rush to the support of eco-terrorists, the so-called ELF, or any other flavor-of-the-month "activist" group.

Funny now that peaceniks who protest the Afghan war are the same who protest the perceived (albeit unproven) suspension of freedoms that the US Government is allegedly guilty of...the same that Taliban have undertaken everyday during their rule against the people of Afghanistan (The same taliban government that anti-war activists seek to bolster in their whining about alleged 'racism').

Everything we've seen on the part of "activists" --e.g. looting and vandalism of Seattle, excessive cries of "racism" about everything, mindless support of Nader (by the way: Where the fuck is he???) -- simply go to show that left-wing activism is a bogus and pointless pusuit of idle minds and unproductive hands.

Moderates like me are franly getting sick of it. Don't worry, the CIA will make room in a cell for you where you belong.



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