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Sat. 12/8: Teach In - Beat Back the Attack on Civil Liberties

A Teach-In for Community Residents and Activists
Saturday • Dec. 8 - Registration: 12:30 pm
Broadway Armory/2nd floor
5917 N. Broadway (at Thorndale)
In the last two months, the federal government and the Illinois Legislature have passed an increasingly repressive wave of legislation that undercuts core constitutional and human rights – for both citizens and non-citizens. Learn about the new status of our ‘rights’ in the wake of 9/11, what we need to do to beat back the attack on civil liberties, and how we can we mobilize to defend human and political rights.

Get updates and analysis on:

· New federal and Illinois domestic terrorism legislation, federal military tribunals, and other repressive legislation.

· Mass detentions and the impact on immigrant communities.

· Surveillance, attacks on domestic activities, and the history of police actions and misconduct.

· New strategies for activists, union members, community residents and others who oppose government policy to build a movement to resist the government’s new wave of repression.

1 PM - 3 PM: Repressive Acts: A legal workshop on new law and policy

· New federal legislation: Civil rights attorney Michael Deutsch

· New state representation and what to expect if arrested: People’s Law Office attorney Joey Mogul

· History of COINTELPRO and government repression: Dr. Jose Lopez

· Local impacts on immigrant communities: A representative of the Pakistani community

Moderator: Attorney Melinda Power, Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism

3:30 PM – 5 PM: Resisting Repression: A brainstorming workshop with local activists

· Andy Thayer, Chicago Anti-Bashing Network
· Hakim Hussain, Palestine Aid Society
· Sheri Wolf, Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism
· Pakistani community representative

Moderator: Beth Massey, Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism

The Broadway Armory is accessable via the Red Line Thorndale stop or via CTA bus #36. Metered parking is available in a lot next door; bring quarters!

- Sponsored by the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism.

For more information, contact the Coalition at 773-278-6706, email us at nowarnoracism (at), or visit our website at



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