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South Bend peace protest and march

Report on Sunday Dec. 2 peace protest in South Bend, Indiana.
Last Sunday afternoon, students and community members rallied in downtown South Bend to advocate an end to US military attacks in Afghanistan. 109 people marched on the downtown sidewalks in warm December weather, chanting, drumming, singing, and carrying signs (ranging from "pray for peace" to "capitalism=terrorism"). We posted a petition on Rep. Tim Roemer's office. Afterwards we returned to the St. Joseph church for a program of speakers and music. Photos are online at website mentioned above.

This was our first major peace protest in South Bend regarding Afghanistan and turnout was good. The major short-coming was that we did not get any local television coverage, because Bob Davie (Notre Dame football coach) was fired on the same afternoon.

The protest and march were organized primarily by the Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition and the University of Notre Dame Peace Coalition - and included a substantial number of Goshen College students (14).

If you live near South Bend, Indiana - we could use some new members for the Michiana Peace/Justice Coalition, as several key organizers are moving away.



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