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Rashid Khalidi to speak tonite at NWU

Rashid Khalidi of the University of Chicago is speaking tonite at Northwestern on the failed Mideast peace process
The Middle East
Peace Process:
What Went Wrong.
Thursday, 11/30,
7:30. Harris 107.
Professor Rashid
Khalidi, director of the
University of Chicago's
Center for International
Khalidi teaches Middle
East History at U of C,
and is President of the
American Committee on
Jerusalem. In the past, he
has been President of the
Middle East Studies
Association and an
advisor to the
Palestinians in
negotiations with Israel
from 1991 to 1993.
Professor Khalidi has
written many books and
articles about modern
Middle East History.
With the help of Arab
Cultural Society and the
Muslim-cultural Student



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