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political art show in louisville, ky dec. 8th

description of opening of the smash the frames show
12-01-01 - too late to send stuff in, but you can still attend the opening
Smash the Frames
a political art show

December 8 2001 -- Louisville Kentucky

art at 4:00pm. rock at 6:30. cost for everything: $6.

We are looking for artwork related to: anti-war issues, political struggle (class, race, gender, or other struggles for equality), freedom from oppression or hatred, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, anti-capitalism, anti-globalization, the black bloc tactic, etc.; pro-freedom, pro-equality, animal rights, human rights, political resistance or protests, movements or organizations related to the above topics (i.e. ARA, ELF, ABC, etc.), alternative and/or self-sufficient autonomous communities, collective organizing, direct action, PAZs or TAZs, and the like. You get the idea.

Media can include but are not limited to: drawings, paintings, silkscreens, stencils, photographs, sculpture, textiles, computer art, or flyers. We do not want to limit the number of submissions, but please take into consideration postage costs -- mailing back 20 8.5x11 line drawings is easier than mailing back four 5'x8' canvases with heavy wooden frames.

We encourage artists to attend the opening if possible. If you have an especially large or fragile work that you don't trust to the various postal services, then please feel free to arrive early for the show with your artwork and help us display it.

To submit your artwork, mail a clear, large photograph of your work to Smash the Frames c/o the BRYCC House, 1055 Bardstown Road, Louisville KY 40204 USA. You can also email digital photos of your work to sugarandspite (at) or xdynomitex01 (at) Please include your name, preferred method of contact, size of artwork, and a brief explanation of its political meaning.

If your artwork is accepted then we will also ask for an artist's statement regarding your work. Please consider donating your artwork to our gallery space for permanent exhibition!

Artwork must be physically here, in our hands, no later than December 1st, 2001.
The opening will be on December 8 and the artwork will hang for at least a month (specific time to be determined later).

On the evening of the opening there will also be a concert featuring political music. Confirmed bands include: Youth Empowerment Project (from Cincinnati), Sutek Conspiracy (from Lafayette IN), Memento Mori (also from Lafayette), and Rise Over Run (from Bloomington).

For more information about the BRYCC House, check their website. They have directions on their site too.



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