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The Failed Drug War

After twenty years of the "War On Drugs", we have a clear picture of it's real intentions...

After twenty years of the "War On Drugs", we have a clear picture of it's real intentions...

Take, for instance, the Partnership for a Drug Free America. Who are it's sponsors? You'll be surprised to find out.

Phillip Morris, Annheiser Busch, Bristol Meyers-Squibb.

In fact, a large chunk of the PDFA's funding comes from pharmaceutical, tobacco, and alcohol sources. Which begs the question, What exactly is a "drug", and what do they mean by the phrase "Drug Free?" And what exactly *is* the "War On Drugs", if it is spearheaded by the largest drugdealers in the world?


The evident truth is that the War on Drugs is really a War on People. It represents all that is sick in our society, the racism, the violence, the oppression, all wrapped up in a package that is sold to the American public in over-the-counter, packaged, and FDA approved pill form.

This list of sponsors goes beyond the pro-drug contributors to the PDFA, and in doing so reveals an even more insidious side of the War.


Prison construction firms, military equipment firms, banks, and insurance corporations.

Take the prison industry. Thanks to the drug war, the prison industrial complex is the fastest growing industry in the country. Banks and insurance companies and construction firms, all of them are ensuring their continued profit off of the incarceration of non-violent drug war prisoners, by taking part in the propaganda machine of the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

And so, at the beginning of a new millennium, we have 2,000,000 people, mostly people of color, mostly non-violent offenders, filling up the prisons, and sucking tax dollars dry all for the continued benefit of these all-too-powerful institutions.

And what about military equipment firms, like Boeing, or General Electric? They see the war in Colombia, which continues to kill innocent villagers and farmers, as a blood-stained increase in their profits. The recent $1.3 billion sent as "Columbian Foriegn Aid" conviently came, in large part, in the form of military equipment bought from these corporations, with our tax money, with the express purpose of waging war against the people of Colombia.

The War on Drugs is not only a failure, it is a threat to freedom and humanity, both domestically and abroad. It cannot be underestimated how damaging the war has been to people of color, poor people, young people, and any other group that can be demonized as "potential users" and locked up or killed.

If you want to get involved in starting a movement in Aurora against the racism and oppression of the drug war, email Aurora Anti-Racist Action at aurora_ara (at)

Anti-Racist aurora_ara (at)



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