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"ENEMY" Poster Art

ART FOR A CHANGE issues Poster condemning racist War Hysteria.
Since the terror attacks of September 11th, over a thousand hate crimes against those who "look Arab" have been reported all across America. In October... a scant three weeks after 9/11, I created an Artwork for wide
public distribution meant to help counter that hatred and intolerance. My Drawing is a simple portrait of an Islamic Woman combined with the words: "I AM NOT THE ENEMY." The Artwork has been circulated both as a Flyer and as a
Poster at many L.A. community forums and Demonstrations (even appearing for a few brief moments on local TV "news" coverage of protests).

I hope that my Pencil Drawing challenges the viewer to remember that Moslems, Arabs, and people of Middle Eastern descent are not the enemy. To see a vast collection of socially conscious Art, visit > <, where you can acquire a copy of the "I AM NOT THE ENEMY" Poster, as well as read about it's creation.



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