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Chicago Anti-Capitalist Convergence!

Organizing is beginning for ACC in Chicago.
The first meeting of the Chicago Anti-Capitalist Convergence will be WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 5TH at 7:00PM SHARP at the A-Zone, at 2129 West Milwaukee. We will be discussing both immediate and long-term organizing and action in Chicago. This will include the formation of working groups.

Please carefully read over the six points of unity below- it's on these points that the Chicago ACC will function and organize.


1) We are against the assaults on innocent civilians, whether they are in the United States, Afghanistan, or any other country. We will defend Arabs, Muslims, and other immigrant communities from state repression and racist attacks.

2) We are opposed to capitalism. We fundamentally reject a social and economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and exchange. We reject a system driven by an exploitative logic that sees human beings as human capital, ecosystems as natural resources and culture as simply a commodity. We reject the idea that the world is only valuable in terms of profit, competition and efficiency.

3) We reject the ideology of neo-liberalism, whereby corporations and investors are exempt from all political and social measures that interfere with their so-called "success". The U.S. led war against Afghanistan is being fought under these measures to dominate and exploit the resources of the world without any restraint.

4) We are anti-imperialist, opposed to patriarchy and sexism, and denounce all forms of exploitation and oppression both at home and abroad. We support resistance by women, workers, peasants and students to the U.S.
war, and the Taliban's fascistic anti-woman regime.

5) We are autonomous, decentralized and non-hierarchical. We encourage the involvement of anyone who accepts this statement of principles. We encourage the participation of all individuals in working groups, in accord with their respective political affiliations. We also organize
with a regard for security culture, keeping in mind the constant repression and infiltration of political movements by the state.

6) Our actions are aimed at disrupting capitalism and the war machine, raising the costs of war, and breaking the "consensus" of support for the war. Respecting a diversity of tactics, we support the use of a variety of creative, bold, and militant initiatives, ranging from popular education to direct action. Fight to win!

Now, let's get together and organize..



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