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Peaceful Discussion Planned - event

Clowes Hall - Butler University Campus
Indianapolis, Indiana
December 5, 2001 7:30 p. m.
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Peaceful Discussion Planned - Indianapolis, IN

Let's talk about this.

That's the goal of the local progressive group Common Bonds, which will be holding a public discussion session next week on how to create a peaceful and secure world. The group has also issued a reader, collecting different written views on the U.S. response to terrorism. "We would like a new level of public conversation about the way the United States does foreign policy and civil liberties," says Common Bonds representative John Gibson. "We think there are a growing number of people who want to have this conversation but don't know a place to have it."

The event, entitled "Exploring Alternatives for Creating a Peaceful, Secure World: A Public Conversation," will be held on Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m. at Clowes Hall at Butler University. The evening will begin with remarks by former Congressman Andy Jacobs Jr., to be followed by a panel of people acting as "discussion stimulators." Concluding remarks will be delivered by Dr. Edward Wheeler, president of Christian Theological Seminary.

The reader carries the title Confronting Terrorism: A Reader Discussing Paths to Peace in the 21st Century, and will be available at the Dec. 5 event. It can also be obtained by contacting Common Bonds at 514-3584 or uncommonbonds (at)

Gibson says one of the goals of the discussion is to allow "questions to be asked in a setting free of intimidation, where one's patriotism is not challenged because those questions are being asked." Although many Common Bonds members opposed the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan, organizers stress that they want people who attend the discussion to feel comfortable expressing a wide range of views about foreign and domestic policy. "This is what democracy is all about," Gibson says.

I plan to attend and will do my best to report back a few days following.



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