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Anti-WTO Protesters In Seattle Join Newspaper Picket Lines On N30

Protesters Prepare For Confrontation On N30 And March TO Picket Lines
Mark Taylor-Canfield
Roundtable on Environmental and Economic Justice
December 1st Mass Filing Committee
Committee for Local Government Accountability
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Anti-WTO Activists Endorse Newspaper Guild Strike -
Some Protesters Vow To March To Picket Lines On November 30th
During WTO Anniversary Demonstrations

During a meeting held at an undisclosed location on Sunday evening, approximately 50 WTO anniversary protest organizers endorsed the labor strike at the Seattle Times and the Post Intelligencer. Some groups announced that they will be marching to the picket lines on November 30 as part of the "Day of International Solidarity Against Corporate Globalization".

All of the groups present agreed to boycott the P-I and the Times as a show of solidarity with striking workers. They will refuse to talk with reporters and no press releases will be sent to those newspapers.

Organizers also reported that rank and file union members at the pickets told them they would be joining the anti-WTO protests on November 30th. Last year an alliance was created between WTO activists and labor unions, resulting in the famous scene of Steelworkers marching with demonstrators dressed in sea turtle costumes. The organizers for this year's WTO anniversary say they feel a sense of solidarity with striking workers.

Although official plans for another march were not released, it is obvious that some of the demonstrators will be joining the pickets at the Seattle Times and the Post Intelligencer at some point on November 30.



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