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Fast in Solidarity

Fast for Justice 8 - 15 December
I'm organizing (with very little notice, unfortunately) a seven day fast to
bring attention to the fact that at least an aditional three million people
in Afganistan will be going hungry this winter in addition to the 24,000
people who die of hunger daily around the world. This poverty exists while
the U.S. government alone spends over $10,000 per second on its military.
(Figures for NATO, UN, British, militaries are not available to me at the

I'm willing to go the full seven days between 8 and 15 December, and am
looking for like minded and willed people to do the same, although fasts of
any length could help bring attention to the growing crisis. I see this
tactic useful for four groups:

1) For those starving, including those in Afganistan, it shows that the
entire world isn't against them and that we are working and struggling with

2) For our friends, familes, and neighbors, it will remind them of the
luxury of choice. We can choose what to eat, while manyin the world have
no other choice than starvation. This is unaccepatable with the amount of
wealth that exists in the world.

3) For our governments, it is a sign of our endurance and sincerity. We
refuse to be marginalized as "lofty idealists" and we are willing to
demonstrate our seriousness to them. Peace and Justice are REAL options,
and we are willing to struggle with the poor to prove it.

4) For ourselves, the fast is reminder of our own sincerity and the
seriousness of our lives. In many ways it may be a test of our will, in
many other ways it will be (perhaps) one of the most enlightening
experiences of our lives. I've never even thought about something like this
before, but I feel as if I need to do this in order to better understand the
gravity of the situation.

You may have your own ideas and reasons, so please respond or e-mail me so
we can organize this together.

Peace and Justice,

Dan Lesh



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