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Mainstream media ignoring private prison reccomendation by Gov. Ryan

Surprisingly, the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, News Gazzette and Journal Star have left out mention of Gov. Ryan's proposal to privatize parts of the prison industry in Illinois. The Pantagraph has been the only Illinois newspaper reporting this issue. If this goes through, it will be a permanant disaster for public employees and reduced quality for prisoners in respone to september 11th.
Ask Students Against Sweatshops about Sodexho-Mariott (a major national provider of food services to universities, public schools, hospitals and prisons) and they will tell you that this corporation is associated with the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest owner and operator of private prisons. USAS chapters have participated in campaigns during the past 2 years to get Sodexho-Mariott off their campus and several colleges have already won. For more information check out

On a related point, Gov. Ryan's recent budget cut proposals include privatizing food and housekeeping services at state correctional centers and mental health and developmental disability facilities.

Building sweatshop conditions in Illinois prisons is not an appropriate response to Sept 11th and current budget demands.

For more information about the privatization issue, check out



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