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'A Place Called Chiapas' Documentary Video Out

Award winning film available on VHS provides chilling insight into Zapatista struggle. Natural beauty of Chiapas contrasts starkly with death squads and over-present troops.

“A Place Called Chiapas” Available in Video

The award-winning film “A Place Called Chiapas” is now available in VHS
video format. The 92 minute video provides chilling insight into the
Zapatista struggle and modern Mexico. Through eight months of filming,
mostly in the Lacandon jungle, Canadian film-maker Nettie Wild takes the
audience on a personal journey through fear, hope and illusion. The natural
beauty of Chiapas is on full display, and contrasts starkly with the reality
of death squads and over-present army troops.

“A Place Called Chiapas” is available on VHS video for $30, plus $5 shipping
and handling. Please make checks payable to:

Mexico Solidarity Network
4834 N. Springfield
Chicago, IL 60625.

Credit card orders can be sent to msn (at) Please include
the name as it appears on the credit card, credit card number, and
expiration date. For credit card orders please add $2 per video.



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