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Voices in the Wilderness program at NIU

An Evening with Voices in the Wilderness at NIU

An Evening with Voices in the Wilderness on Iraqi Crisis at Northern Illinois University

On this Thursday evening, November 29, the public is invited to hear Andrew Mandell from Voices in
the Wilderness share his firsthand observations of the effects of the 11-year economic embargo on
the citizens of Iraq. Speaking in the Heritage Room at Holmes Student Center at 7 p.m., he will
report on the suffering he witnessed last year, living with Iraqi families, as a member of one of the
many peace delegations which the Chicago-based group has sponsored.

Voices was founded by Kathy Kelly 10 years ago, in an effort to bring peaceful public pressure to
bear in ending the U.S. led embargo, which, according to UN figures, has resulted in the death of
over 500,00 children.. Tour members risk heavy fines and imprisonment each time they take
desperately needed medical supplies to families and children of Iraq. They point out that the
embargo has prevented repair of infrastructure damage inflicted in the Gulf War, resulting in lack of
electricity and clean drinking water, and hence widespread disease, which hospitals and doctors are
incapable of curing. ViW also sponsors fasts and marches in Washington, D.C., at the New York
headquarters of the United Nations, and around the country, to protest the sanctions, which Jesuit
priest and prominent peace activist Daniel Berrigan, calls “unjustified aggression against the civilian
population of Iraq, a violation of international law, and a crime against the human family.”

Mandell, a carpenter and musician, is a member of an intentional community in an uptown Chicago
neighborhood. He writes for Cornerstone magazine and, with his wife, Robin, has performed
nationally in the Celtic/punk rock band Ballydowse. He is a warm and moving speaker as he tells of
life in Baghdad and Basra as he witnessed it. He will be introduced by Network member Lolly Voss,
who feels that his message of peace and compassion is one which we all need to hear, especially
since our nation is the chief proponent of continuing the sanctions on Iraq.

Thursday’s presentation is being cosponsored by the DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace &
Justice, the Northern Coalition for Peace and Justice and the United Campus Ministries/Wesley



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