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Anti-Nuke Warrenville 9 Next Court Date December 13

The Warrenville 9 were arrested & charged with criminal trespass as they set foot on the asphalt parking lot - there were about 100-125 [gathered from about 10 nations] at the rally peacefully protesting to warn of the dangers that all people and all living things are at risk of every day as long as nuclear energy is produced. The next court date is Dec. 13 at 9:30am at the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton. Please come and show your support!
Subject: This Years'
Great Lakes Anti-Nuclear Action Camp photooooos :o)

hi friends,

below y'all can link to some fine pics from my first arrest, protesting the use of dangerous nuclear energy on August 23, 2001 at Exelon Corp.'s (nuclear division of ComEd and now our nation's largest operator of nuclear reactors) new headquarters in Warrenville, IL (about 40 miles west of chicago), in DuPage County. Other safer technologies exist - sustainable, renewable energy sources - wind and solar, not to mention just using/consuming less.

9 of us, the Warrenville 9, were arrested and charged with criminal trespass as we set foot on the black asphalt parking lot - there were about 100-125 of us at the rally peacefully protesting. we had gathered from about 10 different countries to voice the dangers that all people and all living things are at risk of every day as long as nuclear energy is produced: safety hazards, accidents, storage, high and low level radioactive waste, the link to nuclear weapons, environmental racism, to name some of our concerns. Exelon is proposing to build new pebble-bed reactor(s) at the Zion site - to this and all nuclear power, we say "NO MORE, NO WAY!"

we had our first court date thursday, Oct. 4 in Wheaton and they had 8 of us who were there in 4 different courtrooms. the judge, that i and another womon had, refused our attorney's motion to consolidate the case in one, but we're still gonna try for that. so right now, as it stands, me and mary are scheduled for court again on Dec. 13 at 9:30am [DuPage County Courthouse] while the others are scheduled for Jan. 15.

hopefully, without too much labor and travel time, we'll all be able to be represented together.

i'll keep you'all posted as to what is going on. we most likely will have to do fundraising for our legal defense fund and it will be excellent to have as much people support as possible in the courtroom when the time comes.

i appreciate your support friends as we strive to make this a safe and healthy place to live! pleasure in the struggle,

lucky linda lou

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